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A group of hikers walks silently across scenic Niederes Tal valley towards Martin Busch Hütte. On this beautiful route they can experience the escape of Tirol's Archduke in an authentic Alpine setting, divided into different stages and locations spread all over the untouched Alpine landscape. Text and music via earplugs. History is made here!

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Hiking Theater Route

Meeting point: 8.45 am, wooden hut behind "Hotel Vent". From there towards Rofenhöfe, past Hohler Stein excavation site and further across Niedertal valley, past Martin Busch Hütte (2501 m) to Marzellkamm.

At the hike's destination - Martin Busch Hütte - everyone meets for a nice get together. Hikers, local participants in the theater and actors talk about their experiences and impressions because during the hike everyone is silent, except the actors.

In-ear transmitter

On some stages of the play the spectators are quite close to the actors, on others they can see them only from very far away. But they won't miss a single word, a breathe or a sigh thanks to top modern in-ear transmitters which also send the sound track directly to the spectator's ear during the whole hiking theater.

Walking Time / Theater Time

The different stages are on the trail between Vent and Samoar (behind Martin Busch hut); there the stage play finishes around 2.00 pm.
The trail back took a walking time of approx. 2 hours; the difference in altitude is about 700 m and the trail is approx. 19,5 km.

Parking Area

Please use the parking area directly at the entrance of the village (charge: € 5.-) or at the valley station of Wildspitze chairlift.

Bus Schedule

Regular connections Vent - Sölden/Ötztal.